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The purpose

In today’s society, there is no right or wrong way of hosting your Traditional Tea Ceremony. The traditional ceremonies have been interpreted differently across ancestors, but the serving of tea to the elderly grandparents, parents and relatives of both parties still remain. 

For most couples it is a gathering to formally unite most or all relative family members. Therefore, the tea ceremony is a formal way to offer gratitude and respect for both families and ask for their acceptance in the union.
In return, their families will give their blessings to the newlyweds by gifting them ‘hong baos’ or ‘lai see’ a.k.a red pockets or special jewellery items. 

Traditional Morning Tea Wedding Ceremony Red Decoration Tea Set
Traditional Wedding Tea Ceremony Guide - Red Pockets Hong Bao

Where should it be held?

Traditionally, the groom’s family should always be served first, so the tea ceremony for his family is usually held in the morning after he has returned home with his new bride-to-be.
And the tea ceremony for the bride’s family will then takes place a few days after the wedding.

Nowadays, couples combine the Morning Tea Ceremony which usually takes place on the day of the wedding at the family home of the bride or groom.

Some couples even choose host the tea ceremony at the reception venue or at a scenic location such as a park on the wedding day. 

traditional Tea ceremony etiquette & key points

  • Some couples choose to start the Tea Ceremony according to seniority, Grandparents then parents then uncles/aunties. However their are those who serve the parents first before the grandparents.
  • Traditionally, the groom’s side is served first followed by the bride’s family. But you can also choose to alternate families between rounds.
  • To ensure things run smoothly and no one is offended, plan and discuss this with your families before the big day.
  • There is no one correct tea for a ceremony, but it would be a good and thoughtful idea to ask your parents what their favourite/preferred tea is.
Traditional Morning Tea wedding Traditional Red Decoration Tea set

What is the betrothal ceremony?

During the Betrothal ceremory also known as the Guo Da Li, which happens several weeks before the wedding ceremony, the groom will present betrothal gifts as a formal proposal to the bride’s parents. 
These gifts include, Gold Jewelry, Traditional Tea set, Dragon & Phoenix Candles, tea leaves, wine or brandy, oranges, Double Happiness Stickers, these items can also be use for the morning tea ceremony.

what type of decorations should i consider?

Do not wait until the morning of the wedding to start setting up the altar(s), hanging decorations or preparing the general tea ceremony area. Make sure to remove as much unnecessary furniture as possible to give room for your guests. 
Anything from large double happiness signs with red backdrops, red lanterns, leaning pads, red cushions, traditional felt decorations

Some couples find it more sentimental to design and decorate their own tea ceremony, and others would prefer to hire professionals. Either way, here at Double8Happiness we got you covered!
You can select from our range of layouts and our staff will arrange a time with you to set it all up. 

VIsit our services page  for more info.


Morning Tea wedding Traditional Red wall Decoration
traditional morning tea ceremony wedding lion dance

why is lion dancing part of weddings?

Traditionally, it is believed that lion dancing is performed to ward off any bad omen or evil spirits from being detrimental to a  new business, new home, the New Year so of course a couple’s new lives together is a very sufficient event.

It is also said lion dance will not only bless the couple for a long and happy life together, but will also bring them fertility, overwhelming growth, prosperity, and a wish for longevity.

Lion dancing can be held at the Morning Tea Ceremony as well as the Night Reception. Contact our trusted team THQcabra to discuss which is the best package for you.

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